Subject associations are very essential to propagate, disseminate and develop that vary Subject. Before the formation of Anthropological society of America by Franz Baas, anthropology was a little known subject. The Anthropological society of America not only propagated the subject But also produced great thinkers like C.L.Kroeber, Ruth Benedict, Margaret Mead, Edward Spir and Levi-Strauss who contributed a lot to the study of human behavior. The linguistics Society of Paris, Enthused scholars to adopt linguistics as a subject. In Punjab, on the eve of 5th oriental conference at Lahore in 1928, a meeting of linguistics was convened at the residence of A.C.Woolner, attended by Dr. Taraporewala and presided over by George Grierson. In this meeting Linguitics society of India was formed. It continued to serve from Lahore till 1937 under the guidance of professor S.K.Chatterjee. Afterwards it shifted to Calcutta and finally to Daccan college Pune, its present headquarter. Since then there is a no society in Punjab.

           In modern India professor V.I.Suberamonium was aware of the Significance of the subject associations and their role to be played in society. He founded the Dravidian Linguistics Association and became the founder president with P.Ramachandran and G.K. Panikkar as its secretaries. Its first conference was organized in 1971 at Thiruvananthapuram that was presided over by S.K.Chaaterjee. In short time DLA became a movement and became instrumental in establishing five language universities in the south. It carried tribal surveys and published in volumes.

            In 2000 All India conference of Dravidian Linguists has to be organized at Punjabi Univeristy Patiala and President of India was supposed to inaugurate. But due to prevailing Circumstances at University the conference was cancelled and prof. V.I.Suberamonium was very much perturbed. After few years we approached him to organize conference at Patiala. He refused and asked us to form a subject association and then hold a conference by the organization. Then Punjabi Linguistics Association became a need of the hour. The Punjabi Linguistics Association was constituted in 2008 and registered in October 2009. Prof. V.I.Suberamonium expired on June 2009. His successors kept the promise and 39th ALL India Conference of Dravidian Linguists was organized at Punjabi University Patiala in June 2011 successfully. More than 120 delegates from 22 states of India participated and sixty six research papers were presented. In a way Punjabi Linguistics Association is a gift by prof V.I.Suberamonium popularly known as institutional builders.

           Punjabi Linguistics Association is organizing its annual conferences regularly. Among the prime objectives of Punjabi Linguistics Association is to promote in all possible ways punjabi linguistics, Research and publications in all aspects such as folklore, culture and allied fields, with the active support of scholars interested in such studies. To survey and study intensively the languages of The Aryan group found in north India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The area of operation of Punjabi Linguistics Association is throughout the world.

           We at Punjabi Linguistics Association Patiala, urge all scholars interested in the Area and sub areas to join and help in disseminating ideas, innovating methods and searching the new horizons unexplored so far, Welcome to Punjabi Linguistics Association.

Punjabi Linguistics Association