To establish subsidiaries of the PLA for specific goals and targeted programme to fulfill the objects of the association.
Name: The name of the Institution shall be the Punjabi Linguistics Association abbreviated PLA.
Registered Office: Its Registered Head Office shall be at Patiala.
Area of Operation: World wide.
Area of activity: Its area of activity shall be all parts of the world in which researches in Punjabi Language and allied subjects are carried out.
The year of the Institute: The year shall begin from the first day of June and ending in the last day of May every year.
OBJECTS: The objects of the association are the following:
To promote in all possible ways research and publications in all aspects of Punjabi Linguistics Studies, such as folklore, culture and allied fields with the active co-operation of international scholar interested in such studies;
To provide an academic environment suitable for research including a library and other equipment and to undertake and promote advanced research and publications in Punjabi Linguistics Studies and allied fields, training scholars for the purpose wherever necessary;
To undertake surveys and evaluate studies on behalf of other academic agencies or Governmental bodies in Punjabi Language and allied fields;
To ensure intimate contact between specialists in the fields in which the Association is interested living in different countries of the world and to co-ordinate the dissemination of information.
To collaborate with other academic, Government, international and private organizations and persons in prompting the objectives of the Association, without prejudice to its own academics autonomy;
To take over or manage any organization or intuition which will help in promoting the objectives of the Association.
To award professorship, fellowship, scholarship, student-ships and similar grants, remuneration or monetary assistance as may be conductive towards promotion of the objects of the association.
To make appointment to academic, administrative, technical and other posts as may be necessary and pay them such remuneration including gratuity pension provident fund and such other benefits and perquisites as may be fixed from time to time.
To survey and to study intensively the Languages belongings to the Aryan family found in North India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.
To study in depth the pre-historic connections between the languages of the Finno-Ugric, Africans and Australians and the Aryan Languages.
We the several persons whose names and addresses are given below having associated ourselves as resolved by the Working Committee of the Punjabi Linguistics Association of Punjab on 13-07-2009 and on its behalf for the purpose described in this Memorandum of Association set our several hands hither unto and form ourselves into a Society under Act XII of 1860 this Act at Patiala.