1. Result of election to the council shall be reported at the annual meeting.
The Secretary shall prepare a list of members of the PLA with voting right shall be entitled to nominate candidate/s for election to the council. The nomination for each category shall be accompanied by a written consent of the nominee.
A list of the names proposed by the members shall be circulated to the members.
The voting shall be on single non-transferable vote basis, by secret ballot on form/s supplied by the Secretary, and returned, as advised by him, in a special envelop provided for the purpose.
The nominations as well as voting papers shall be scrutinized by the President and two other members nominated by him. The election process shall be completed by 10th March so that the result may be declared before the annual meeting.
Election shall be by simple majority. In case of a tie, it shall be decided b y the draw of lots.
The first Council shall be a nominated one by the Patrons collectively from among the committee constituted to draft and approve rules and the constituted to initiate the process.
President, in his absence any person nominated by the council, shall be the Returning Officer for the election of the Council.
The Executive Council may nominate member/s for each post, which may fall vacant. For this the general secretary shall invite the members of executive council to purpose names for each post fallen vacant. The names so proposed shall be circulated to them for voting and those obtaining the largest number of votes shall be considered as elected.