The affairs of the PLA shall be controlled and carried on by an Executive Council, This Council Shall consist of:
2. Senior Vice President
3. Junior Vice President
4. Secretary
5. Joint Secretary
6. General Secretary
7. Treasurer cum Cashier
8. Executive Members
The term of Executive shall be for four years, with the term closing on March 31. The General Secretary and Treasurer shall be the persons stationed at the headquarter of the council at Patiala.
The Executive shall be elected through postyal ballots in such a way that the new Executive takes office on 1st of April.
Interim vacancies in the Executive shall be filled in by the Executive Council through ballots for the period of the interim vacancy.
The president (or, in his absence, the Senior Vice-President), Shall preside over the annual meeting, in the absence of the President and Sr. Vice-President or all of them the Vice-President of the Council shall preside.
The Secretary shall perform the duties normally attached with the office.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the PLA and shall submit by the end of March each year the accounts of the PLA inclusive of statement of assets and liabilities for the previous financial year, duly audited by the auditor appointment by the Council.
The PLA will open account in any schedule bank. The Executive Council will pass a resolution in this respect.
Life, Ordinary, Honorary Members and fellows shall constitute the general body.
The quorum for the meeting of the General Body and Executive Council shall be one fifth and one third of the members, respectively.
The time, place and agenda of the Executive and annual meeting shall b decided by the president and Executive Council, respectively.
The withdrawal cheques will be signed by President, and the Cashier.