Membership shall be open to all persons interested in the development of various aspects of society in Punjab and the world over.
There shall be following categories of members:
Life Member
Ordinary Member
Honorary Member
Student Member
Corporate Membership (with the right to nominate one member)
The enrolment of various members shall be as under:
Life and Ordinary Members: By payment of enrolment fee and subscription. NRIs and Foreigners are also eligible to become life and Ordinary Members.
Honorary Members: By unanimous recommendation of the Executive Council and two third majority of those present at the annual meeting. Provided further that not more than two Honorary Members will be elected in a year, and the total numbers of such members will not exceed fifteen at any time.
Student Members: By payment of enrolment fee and subscription for that year by bonafide post graduates in linguistics and allied subject such as folklore & culture.
The members of committee who drafted and approved the rules and constitution of the PLA will be Life Members provided they pay enrolment fee and life member subscription.
Corporate Members: By payment of subscription.
Honorary Fellow: To be elected by the PLA.
All life members, and patrons except the students and corporate members, shall have the voting right.
Only Life members belonging to Punjab shall have the right to contest to the executive council.
All the members, with the exception of students, will be entitled to get a copy of the journal free of cost. Honorary members and fellows will be entitled to the rebate on the priced publications of the PLA as specified for the number/volume.
Any member may withdraw from the membership by information to the General Secretary in writing. The Association however, shall not be liable to return or refund the fee that might have been paid by the member in advance.
A withdrawing member, whose subscription is not in arrears, shall automatically recover the privileges of membership without re-election if he/she rejoins the PLA within Six months of withdrawal. He/She shall be liable to pay all dues as if he/she has not withdrawn at all.
3. Members whose subscriptions are in arrears shall be excluded from the privileges of membership until they have paid the arrears along with readmission fee.
4. At the end of the year, the treasure will send the letter or bill to the members with the request to renew his/her subscription, if it remains unpaid by March 31, the executive council may remove such name from the rolls of the PLA.